Social Security Disability 101: Request for Reconsideration Form

If your application for disability benefits has been denied, you’re not the only one – about 60-70% of applications are initially denied. This can be due to a variety of reasons, such as lack of medical evidence or an incomplete application. However, even if you are denied, you still have options to appeal that decision. While many may assume that you have to start again from the beginning after the initial denial, the better course of action is to fill out a Social Security Disability Request for Reconsideration Form.

Not sure where to start? We highlight the basics of this process below.

What is a Request for Reconsideration Form?

There are a few levels to the Social Security disability appeals process, with the first level being a Request for Reconsideration. This is a re-review of your claim by the Social Security Administration (SSA) where they will consider again whether they have enough evidence to approve your benefits application.

How Do I File for Reconsideration?

Once you receive your letter of denial, the marked date of the letter will be the start date of your 60-day window in which you can appeal the denial. Your Request for Reconsideration Form must be submitted within this 60-day window, so it is best to start your appeal immediately upon receipt of the denial letter. It is very important to be thorough, detailed and work closely with a disability attorney who understands the nuances of the process. This will improve your chance at benefits approval.

There are three forms you will need to complete and submit with your request:

  • Reconsideration Disability Report – This is to document any new or additional information about your case
  • Request for Reconsideration – This is the formal appeals form required for submission
  • Authorization to Disclose Information – This is a medical release form that allows the SSA to access and review your medical documentation

When you are filling out a Social Security Disability Request for Reconsideration Form, determine where the gaps are in your medical records. Your denial letter will include details about how and why they came to their conclusion to deny your benefits – refer to this to challenge any incorrect determinations that may have been made or supply the missing evidence needed from the SSA.

How Long Is the Reconsideration Process?

Generally, the reconsideration process should take about three to six months to complete – sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. Each case is unique and may depend on several factors for how long the process takes. This could include things such as who the examiner is in your case, their current workload, and special circumstances or outside factors such as COVID-19.

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